Are you a manufacturer or end user of compressed natural gas?

Geta integral security and control for transport and supply

Obtain control and safety tools for all your compressed natural gas supply and transport needs:


We give you control through tailor made valves according to every necessity; we provide solutions through engineering, design, and support for equipment manufacturers and final users of regulation, transport, compression, decompression, filtering, and compressed natural gas supply equipment.

Equipment built to give the benefit of safety and control that specialized compressed natural gas supply equipment provides.

Why are we your best alternative?

  • All our components go through a rigorous inspection process.
  • All our components’ tolerances are extremely adjusted to its mechanisms.
  • All our components are 100% tested before being presented to our clients.
  • Our compressed natural gas technology is certified by ISO 9001 2008. Certification Pressure Equipment Directive (TPED).
  • Our components go through high pressure tests (over 40,000 PSI) to obtain valve certification, also:
    • Cycle testing
    • Leak testing
    • Pressure testing
    • Operation controls
    • Low temperature testing (-85°Celsius)
  • We don’t offer only products, we offer solutions for safety and control.
  • We work hand in hand with our customer until they achieve their goals.
  • We have experience in every compressed natural gas phase and process.
  • Our solutions are oriented to manufacturers and final users.
  • Our vast trajectory in the industry gives us an edge since we know what and how everything works.
  • Our complete focus is on equipment designed for compressed natural gas.

Trust in Tectuus: Your best alternative for compressed natural gas decompression, regulation, and measurement stations and equipment.


Tectuus is a technology company that contributes to the integral natural gas harvesting in the Mexican industry. We are the only compressed natural gas valve company that has experience with turnkey projects in the compressed natural gas industry.

Our equipment allows natural gas decompression in the phases of regulation since its arrival to 250 bar delivering between 2 to 4 output bar for its harvesting.

In Tectuus we have years of experience in design, manufacturing and use of equipment developed for compressed natural gas. We know what works and how it works. Do you want to acquire today the best technology, attention, and service in the industry? Contact us today! We want to know about you. Quote a solution tailor made and obtain all the control and safety that only we can provide.